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Student Achievement Whitepaper

What We Now Know About Measuring Learning Loss and Learning Recovery

The COVID-19 pandemic years were among the most challenging times for education in history. While no one would dispute that most students experienced “learning loss” during this time, it is probably more accurate to say that student learning trajectories have shifted. Students did learn during the pandemic years, albeit at a slower pace for many of them, and these students will learn content on new timelines as they catch up. Regardless, the confluence of many issues continues to swirl, and the big questions remain such as:

  • What does the latest research tell us about the pandemic’s impacts on student learning?
  • What do we now know from measuring learning loss and student recovery?
  • What are the best practices for graduating from learning loss to learning recovery?

Now is the time to answer these questions and to create and deploy effective remedies for mitigating learning loss.