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April 12, 2022

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April 18, 2022

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Topic 1: Social Science
Social movements
Motherhood and family life
Sexuality and gender identity
Reproductive Rights
Administrative Sciences
Behavioral and Psychological Sciences
Communities and Communications
Economics, Markets and Systems
Education and Information Technologies
Sustainable Urban Transport and Environment
Technology, Society, Environmental Studies
Sociology and Social Computation
Sport and Physical Education

Topic 2: Management
Public management
Strategic management
Enterprise management
Logistics system management
Department economic management
Regional economic management
Information technology management
Sustainable development management
Human resource development and management
Research and development management
Modern marketing management
Manufacturing systems management
Quality control and reliability management
Environmental and energy management
Decision analysis

Topic 3: Education
Quality education
Pre-school education
Higher education
Adult education
Vocational and technical education
Special education
Innovation education
Practical education
Subject education
Education reform
Teaching theory
Electronic learning
Distance education and distance teaching
Virtual School, Virtual Classroom
New teaching method and thought

Topic 4: Psychology
Cognitive psychology
Applied psychology
Social psychology
Developmental and educational psychology
Management psychology
Legality psychology
Psychological counseling and psychothe-rapy
Psychological reform

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